eBay Global Shipping Program

For more information please see eBay's Help Section:  http://pages.ebay.com/help/buy/shipping-globally.html

The eBay Global Shipping Program is a delivery method where we deliver your item to eBay in the US, and eBay will ship the item from the US to the international destination. The shipping fees and duty/tax that eBay charges go directly to eBay. We do not receive any of these funds. We provide FREE shipping to eBay's US location (in Kentucky). You will receive a US tracking # from us for the US portion of the shipment. eBay will send you an international tracking # for the international portion of the shipment. Please contact eBay for any issues on the international portion. We do not receive any information regarding the international portion of the shipment. If you need any other assistance or clarification, please open a support ticket via our help system. Thank you!

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